What Makes Our ICO Unique?

No Institutional Investment
Average Contributor Focused
No Closed Private Pre-Sale
Phased Fund Raising
Contributor Protection
Contributor Voted Board Members
Contributions Via a Broker
A Global Mainstream Project
A Solution to a $3 Trillion Problem
Ethics – Integrity & Honesty
Real Vision – Real Potential
No Hype – Lies or False Promises

In The Press KUVERIT


Pre-sale will last for a period of four weeks and a maximum of 1 Billion tokens will be sold during the pressale, the funds raised during the pre-sale will be used to take care of operational costs that need satisfying prior to Phase 1.  Between 55% and 60% of the funds raised during pre-sale will be used for the advertising and marketing of Phase 1 of the ICO.


  • Pre-Sale Begins 2019/03/20
  • Pre-Sale Ends 2019/04/20
  • Pre-Sale Token Price $0.001
  • Pre-Sale Tokens being Sold 1,000,000,000 - 1 Billion
  • Funding Target $1,000,000
  • Use of Funds Legals 15% - Consultancy 30% - Phase 1 Marketing 55%

Phase One - Seed Funding - Token Sale

Phase 1 funds will be used to develop the Kuverit P2P application and translate the website and all content into multiple languages thus giving Phase 2 a global reach.  Developing the application prior to Phase 2 of the ICO means that by Phase 2 the Kuverit application will no longer be just an idea.  Kuverit will be a functional application/product live on both the IOS App Store and Googles Android Play Store.  Between 60% and 70% of the revenue raised during Phase 1 will be used for advertising and promotion of Phase 2, the main ICO.


  • Phase 1 Begins 2019/04/21
  • Phase 1 Ends 2019/05/31
  • Phase 1 Tokens Price $0.0025
  • Phase 1 Tokens being Sold 1,600,000,000 Max
  • Funding Target $2,500,000
  • Use of Funds Application Development 15% - Translations 5% - Phase 2 Marketing 60% - Operations, Legals & Consultancy 20%

Phase Two - Main Token Sale

Phase 2 will be Kuverit’s main token sale where unlike so many other ICO’s it will enter the global market with a bang touting a live and fully functional application available in multiple languages and ready for global use.  60% of the funds raised in Phase 1 will be used to promote the Kuverit application token sale to the global market.  Through marketing and an inbuilt viral sharing function we aim to achieve 100,000 downloads of the Kuverit application during our main token sale period.  We have allocated 1 billion tokens to the inbuilt viral sharing incentive pool and from this pool we aim to achieve a further 1 million downloads of the Kuverit application.  47% of the funds raised during the main token sale will be used to fund a global  marketing campaign making Kuverit a globally recognised brand.


  • Phase 2 Begins 2019/10/01
  • Phase 2 Ends 2019/12/25
  • Phase 2 Token Price $0.01
  • Pre-Sale Tokens Being Sold 13,000,000,000 - 13 Billion
  • Funding Target $130,000,000
  • Use of Funds Team 8% - Operations 30% - Marketing 47% - Legals 5% - Consulatancy 10%


Every member of the Team and Advisory Board have been picked for their ability to help make Kuverit a global success.

Daniel Drury
Co Founder - CEO
Daniel McManus
Co Founder - FD
Guido Schmitz
Advisor - Committee
Paul Baker
Advisor - Accountant
David Baumholzer
Advisor - Contractor
James Packham
Kuverit UK CEO
Paul Wordley
Pavel Martynov


Q1 2019:

Commence Token Sale

Q2 2019:

Commence Application Development

Q2 2019:

Translate Content to Top 10 Languages

Q2 2019:

Establish Contributor Forum Committee

Q3 2019:

Contract Two Community Voted NED’s

Q3 2019:

Launch Beta P2P Application

Q3 2019:

Engage Global ICO Marketing Company

Q3 2019:

Begin Token Sale Phase 2

Q4 2019:

Start Negotiations with Exchanges

Q4 2019:

Open International Sub Offices

Q4 2019:

Commence Mainstream Advertising

FAQ Questions

Contributor Security - The Broker will pay all invoices and act as an Escrow for Contributors.

Kuverit Founders both come from an insurance and finance background, both are currently employed in full time roles. They became interested in the Crypto and Blockchain space when they realised it presented the most viable solutions to bring the Kuverit P2P application to the global market with minimal legislative restrictions.

The Kuverit application is about creating trust, fairness and distributing risk among its users. Having a centralised application was always an option but this did not deliver the transparency and community spirit within the application that we were aiming to achieve.

KUV tokens are the "money" of the Kuverit Application, all guarantees and co-op pools are financially supported by KUV tokens and they are the only means of transaction within the application. A user who files a successful claim against a guarantee will be paid in KUV tokens, all voters, auditors and guarantors are paid in KUV tokens. You will use the tokens if you wish to guarantee any transaction or if you wish to be a guarantor to users of the system.

We are not aware of any centralised or decentralised applications or services that deliver a guarantee trading and protection application to the global mainstream market.

No there is no lock up period for any any investors, however the teams token allocation will be locked up and released quarterly over 24 months.

We are aiming to raise $1,000,000 in the private sale with the sale of 1 billion tokens at a price of $0.001

We will be negotiating with all top exchanges to discuss the listing of the token. Some exchanges do not allow the listing of ERC tokens.

We opted for an ERC20 token to get the application market live as quickly as possible with a means of transaction for application users. We may use and an ERC223 token if the developers decide it is the best option. Starting with a token allows us to keep the possibility of creating our own blockchain at a later date on the table. It is unknown if the Ethereum blockchain will hinder our development at a later date if we wish to integrate new functions into the application.

At a minimum we are aiming to achieve a global user base of 20 million in the first 3 to 5 years, this equates to about 2% of the market in developed countries. We believe given the applications functions and features that we will exceed this figure rapidly but we need to remain conservative in our estimations.

Firm Name: FX NextGen LTDLegal Form: Limited Liability CompanyIdentification Number: 404574769Number and Date ofRegistration: 07/03/2019Registering Authority: LEPL National Agency of Public RegistryLegal Address: Georgia, Tbilisi, Old Tbilisi District, Krtsanisi str., II lane,N15, building N3,

Yes we are incorporated as Kuverit Ireland Limited and you can view our certificate of incorporation at the following link https://www.kuverit.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/cert_13255031.pdf

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